Laptop Repair

Computer RepairFour or five years ago laptops were a luxury. Today's laptops have supplanted desktops in sales. We offer different solutions customized to our customers needs. .

Laptops have equal or greater processing power than most desktops. Many of their components are unique to each brand and/or model, making it sometimes difficult to get parts. Laptops allow more freedom and flexibility requiring less space to use anywhere.


We offer the following repair services for laptops:

Replace LCD.

Troubleshoot Operating System s & Software.

Replace RAM

Replace Harddrives

Replace the Battery & Power Adapter

Repair netbooks.

Cleaning & Removal of Viruses, Spyware & Malware.


Where we work is a

national repair company based in New Jersey. We have 100s of technicians throughout the US on-call that can be onsite at your home or office same day.