Virus Removal

Computer Repair A major threat to computers is viruses, because they are designed by groups & hackers who seek to profit from programming. Viruses sometimes display a screen or delete files, steal banking information now, attack computer networks and generate spam.

A worm is a type of virus that duplicate themselves they do not need any other virus or malicious user to infect other computers.

Trojans Viruses are computer programs that are developed to take control of a computer.

There are also programs that pose as antivirus software so be careful what you download.


We offer the following services for virus removal:

Elimination of computer viruses, spyware, and malware.

Installing antivirus and diagnostic tools.

Repair the operating systems if damaged after disinfection.

Data Recovery & Restoration.

Where we work is a

national repair company based in New Jersey. We have 100s of technicians throughout the US on-call that can be onsite at your home or office same day.